As we start 2020, I would like to wish all our shareholders, BOD members, local and international strategic partners a progressive, prosperous and proliferative year.
The Golden Zanekka Public Co. Ltd. (GZP) has been implementing multiple projects since Commencement of Business in 2014 with the goal of providing highquality, affordable healthcare in Myanmar. Our strategy is unwaveringly to build essential infrastructure of healthcare (hub and spokes model) and production of much needed high-quality Human Resources in Healthcare.

During the ongoing implementation phase, we have encountered many challenges unique to our situation and we have been doing our utmost to overcome these challenges and I must say that with the hard work of our staff together with our local and international strategic partners, we made some substantial progress, for example we have been able to start Nursing College, which is one of the first in private sector.

The telemedicine project has transformed into Private Public Partnership project with MOHS in Mon State as a pilot project and it is a trailblazing success where public and private can work together for the common good of people in Myanmar. Telemedicine, we believe is the only way to leapfrog in Healthcare services provision in any country and Myanmar is definitely not an exception. MOHS and GZP will scale up this to provide coverage nationwide.

As Human Resources Crisis in Healthcare services is international as well as more acutely so in local, GZP has been steadfastly working to produce much needed human resource in private sector and we are working hard to establish a university of Health Sciences in Private sector as a non-profit Social Enterprise to provide an equitable educational institution. In the coming years, we will be collaborating more with the Stanford University in the dispersion of Emergency Medicine Knowledge in Private sector of Healthcare.

One of the important achievements of the company is strengthening the capacity of healthcare workforce by giving accredited training courses run by national and international professionals. For the achievements we obtained so far, the contribution of our national partners especially the MOHS and Mon State Government, and, international partners like 5C Company of India are highly appreciated. As the Chairman of the company, I would like to welcome continuing assistance from these partners as well as many potential local and international partners.

I trust this profile provides a clear message about the projects that are on-going, being initiated and being planned. We also hope that the readers will have a clear vision about the aims and objectives of GZP Co., Ltd. and join hands to become a strong partner in Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan in Healthcare.

Professor Dr. Kyaw Myint Naing
Golden Zanekka Public Co., Ltd.